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Let us introduce ourselves

Over 20 years Vidoral Ltd provides trading services based on appropriate permits, required by Estonian and European environmental regulations.

Our main work is representing the interests of one of the world leaders in recycling of stainless steel and NiCrMo alloys of the international Oryx Stainless Group. We buy any NiCrMo raw materials from the territory of the CIS countries, Ukraine and the Baltic States for Oryx Stainless.

Contact us with offers of real material and finally you’ll get a direct contract with Oryx Stainless, with the best prices and conditions.

Vidoral can also assist you with a trading way of:

  • Ferrous scrap to Turkey
  • Brass/Bronze, Zn scrap and ingots to Asia and Europe
  • Secondary Aluminium ingots to Japan
  • High Speed scrap to Europe.
If you have any capacity to supply non-ferrous or ferrous metals, please send your offers to or contact us by phone: +372 504 1478. You will get reply soon.

Products: Stainless steel scrap, turnings, runnings, FeNi and FeNiCr ingots and other NiCrMo containing metal materials with any combination of Ni, Cr, Fe and Mo-combination.
Ferrous scrap HMS1, HMS1&2, Russian Grade 3A. Cu-containing scrap and ingots (brass, bronze). Secondary Aluminium ingots grade AK5M2 or AV87. Primary Zn ingots and Ni cathodes/granules. High Speed scrap.

Contact Details:
Vidoral Ltd (OÜ)
Liimi 1-600, 10621, Tallinn, Estonia
Reg. No. 10029743
Tel: +372 504 1478

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